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Thank you letter – Logan Strong Fundraiser 3/29/17

To everyone who has taken the time out of their day to be here, to show us love and support, and to help us in this most difficult time…thank you.  It doesn’t seem enough for us just to say “thank you” when so many of you have gone so far above and beyond anything we could ever have imagined.  “Thank you” seems so simple when we have real faith that all your love, support, prayers, and good vibes have truly played a huge role in just how positively Logan has responded to his treatment.

Christmas 2016

We knew, from day 1, that Logan was a fighter; so we also knew when we got this horrendous news, that he would fight this, and we would fight for him, every single step of the way.  What we didn’t quite account for were the added warriors we would have by our sides.  It’s so surreal and ironic that this is happening to our son.  We have always been the ones to give back and help others, it’s very overwhelming and gratitude doesn’t begin to cover it.  You all are helping to be a part of healing the most precious piece of our hearts.  You all are playing a part in smacking the puck out of the cancer in our sweet boy.

While we wish we could be there to see, to hug, and to thank each and every one of you, we hope you understand that we need to be by our boy’s side, every step of this battle…and it is a battle, with Logan being the biggest little warrior we’ve ever seen.  He is fighting this awful disease with his adorable dimples, and his flirty eyes and let’s not forget those eyelashes we are all jealous of.  Who gives cancer a wink and then a punch? Our boy.  And, we have full faith that he will beat it not just out of the rink, but out of the atmosphere, and we’re right beside him to give that extra push it may need.  No one and nothing messes with our boy!

With all sincerity, though, thank you.  You have not just helped lift the financial burden that, unfortunately, comes with having a terrible illness; but you have helped us to realize just how lucky we are.  We will tell Logan, for years to come, the story of how so many people came together just for him.  And he in turn will have some great stories to tell himself!

We love you all, we are beyond thankful to you all, and we will forever hold each and every single one of your dear to our hearts.  Thank you so very much.

And a special thank you to Dani Klahr for organizing this event along with Colby Enides and Ali Lanfear for their help!

We all are #LoganStrong!!!

All our love,

Jennifer & Kevin (and, of course, Logan)

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Logan’s Chemotherapy Plan

Logan started chemo on Monday, March 20. They are able to treat his tumor very aggressively due to his age.  Children, especially babies are able to receive a higher dose due to their resiliency.   Unfortunately the tumor is too big for his little head to be removed at this time.  We are happy to share that the tumor hasn’t metastasized anywhere else.

The plan is 2 rounds of chemotherapy followed by an MRI to confirm the tumor has shrunk enough for Dr. Adamo to remove it.  Then he will have 3 more rounds of chemotherapy to kill any cancer cells that are left followed by about a year and a half of maintenance.

Other good news is that once they remove the tumor, it’s not like an adult where we would have to re-learn how to walk, eat and talk again.  Logan will just learn those things from a different part of his brain.  There are already plans in place to assist with physical therapy and/or any neurological issues that could arise.

He is handling chemo very well so far.  No real side effects (that we can tell).  We think he was nauseous the other day but that is really it.  He is receiving steroids (for the swelling in his brain), neupogen (helps white blood cell count), anti-nausea and anti-seizure meds.  He hasn’t had any seizures but because the tumor is in his brain and is very vascular, this is precautionary.

His chemo schedule is as follows (per round):

  • Day 1, 2 & 3
  • Day 8
  • Day 15
  • Day 21 (new round starts – same schedule)

We will remain in the hospital while he receives chemo and we will not be allowing visitors except immediate family as Logan’s immune system will be compromised due to the chemo.  It is safer and both mom and dad are more comfortable having him monitored by the nurses and doctors during this time.  He’s only 4 months old, he can’t tell us what’s wrong.

We are very happy and confident with how things are going so far.

Keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming.




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Meet Logan

When Jennifer and Kevin got married in June 2015, they knew the next step in their life was to start a family. They struggled with fertility and sought treatment. They were able to get pregnant after one round of treatment. When they found out it was a boy, they were even more elated. They wanted to have a boy and were excited to watch him grow and learn how to play hockey and ride motorcycles like his dad!

Throughout Jennifer’s pregnancy, they were monitoring the baby’s kidneys as one of them was enlarged. At her week 30 ultrasound, his kidney’s looked fine and the doctor said she didn’t need another ultrasound but scheduled one for week 34 anyway. At her 34 week ultrasound, Friday, November 11th, the kidneys were fine but they found fluid on the baby’s brain. From there they ordered a MRI. They took their time scheduling it but thankfully Jennifer knows people (Jane) who know people (Ali) and were able to schedule the MRI for Thursday November 17, 2016. That is when they found that the fluid on his brain was blood. Jennifer got a call that evening from Dr. Mack saying that they wanted her to check into labor and delivery the next morning at 8am. Jennifer just knew that she was going to have a baby the next day somehow!

On Friday, November 18, Jennifer checked into the hospital at 8am. They brought her to a prep room where a radiologist came in and advised her, Kevin and Cheryl (Jennifer’s mom) that they thought Logan had a deadly platelet disorder called NAIT (Neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia). Jennifer just knew that at 40 years old with her first baby that God was not going to take him away. The doctors let Jennifer and her family know that they would be prepping her for a C-section, soon, and that if Logan did have this platelet disorder, there was no cure for it. Jennifer kept saying that she knew it wasn’t that, and that her boy was just ready to come out.

Jennifer and Kevin got prepped for surgery, as their family and loved ones anxiously awaited any news. Logan Daniel was born at 2:39PM, weighing in at a whopping 6 lbs 13 oz…with no platelet disorder. They tested him for any and all blood disorders and everything came back negative or normal. He was perfectly fine! Jennifer said, “See? My boy was just ready to come out!” He was then known as the “Miracle Baby” at the hospital….a mother just knows!

The doctors decided to just monitor his condition and a month later (December 2016) the hemorrhage appeared to be dissipating on its own. Logan was also assigned two pediatricians, a pediatric neurologist, a neurosurgeon, a hematologist and a urologist along with physical therapy. On Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, Jen and Kevin brought the love of their lives to get another MRI, just to be certain that everything was still on the same path as before. When the doctor walked in the room, they instantly knew something was wrong. There was something found in the MRI. It was a tumor, and it was aggressive. They had seen no sign of this in the previous MRI’s, the last one being in December. Dr. Adamo, Logan’s neurosurgeon, wanted him admitted immediately, and wanted to biopsy the tumor. Jen and Kevin’s world was just turned completely upside down, and inside out. Everything they thought they knew, had just changed into a world of uncertainty.

The next day, the tumor, which was 1/3 of the size of Logan’s skull, was biopsied, and this was the first brain surgery he would have. Dr. Adamo and his team let Jen, Kevin, and their family know that it would be 4-5 days before they knew any real answers. While waiting for answers, however, Dr. Adamo did know that he wanted to put shunts in the back of Logan’s head, to assist with any swelling of the brain. These would be in for life, making him even more of the little Iron Man than he already was!

Family, friends, and loved ones surrounded Jen, Kevin, and Logan with love and prayers. On Monday, March 13th, 2017, Logan was baptized in the hospital, with family and the godparents surrounding him. It was this day that they all awaited, anxiously, the news about the pathology.

In the early afternoon, Jen, Kevin, their immediate family, and 2 close friends, were called into a meeting room to hear the results. It was not what they were hoping for. Dr. Weintraub, another neuro doctor, and 3 of her staff, let Jennifer and Kevin know that it looked like this tumor was a grade 4 Glioblastoma. These are very difficult to treat, but what Logan had going for him was that he came in much healthier than most kids with this disease. Dr. Weintraub let Jen and Kevin know that she would send his slides off to Boston Children’s Hospital for a second opinion. There were plans for chemotherapy, but the plans were uncertain until Boston weighed in with their opinion.

Jen, Kevin, the family, and friends cried, but did not give up hope. They knew that Logan fought before, and he would do it again. With the faith and hope came a glimmer of light in the sign of a doctor saying she was “cautiously optimistic.”  This is because they found the tumor to be a Congenital Gliobastoma, totally different from a Glioblastoma.  There is a doctor in Atlanta (Children’s Cancer Center of Atlanta, owned by Aflac who Jennifer works for) who has treated this kind of tumor before, and who has seen positive results. This sounded much better than the original news!

This is where they are today. Awaiting more answers, praying, hoping, and knowing that their love for Logan couldn’t possibly be stronger. Jen and Kevin are overwhelmed by the love and support they’ve been shown, and continue to be surprised by this, daily.

We will continue to keep you updated on Logan’s progress, and we ask for your continued prayers, as they seem to be helping, thus far! We thank you, on behalf of Jen and Kevin, for your love and support. Each of you that has taken the time to come here, to read Logan’s story, holds a very special place in Jen and Kevin’s hearts.

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