NO….the tooth fairy did NOT come!

This is a sensitive subject. 

Let me explain…..

We were told several times, many things that Logan would never or could never do.  He has overcome every worst-case scenario thrown at him.  Not to mention, we were also told more than once that Logan would not survive.  So milestones, like him losing his first tooth…. are a BIG deal!!!!

All of Logan’s firsts are more exciting than a “normal” child because we were told they wouldn’t or couldn’t happen.  We celebrate these victories as a testimony to his determination to thrive and survive.  He proves this to us and the doctors and the world daily. 

The day Logan lost his tooth…. well the day I pulled it out (more to come), I received a text from Aunt Kim (daycare) that his tooth was very loose and she asked if I wanted her to pull it out.  I of course responded with a big NO, because I wanted to see it and be there when he lost his first tooth.  So, when Kevin and Logan got home that night, I immediately looked at this tooth.  Kevin had to hold him down; Logan does not like to be poked at, he’s had enough of that in his short life.  The tooth was loose but not quite ready to come out yet.  Right before bed, as we were changing his diaper and clothes, it looked looser.  So, again, Kevin held him down and I was able to pull it out. 

We decided to pull it out and not wait for it to fall out because we weren’t sure how he would react.  Would he choke on it or swallow it and not be able to tell us.  Will he have a meltdown because something strange and different was happening in his mouth, his body?  Pulling it was the best bet to not only ensure his safety but of course, this Mama wanted to keep his first tooth!

Now, let’s talk about the tooth fairy.   

Would I have loved for the tooth fairy to come, yes!  Would I have loved for Santa and the Easter bunny to visit…of course.  But, Logan isn’t a “normal” kid, he has a brain injury and doesn’t understand everything.  Did I ask my husband if the tooth fairy should come, yes…..I would have loved it.  BUT….why???  As much as we try to give Logan a certain sense of normalcy, having the tooth fairy come and him not understanding would have just caused more stress and heartache for me. 

Again, as much as we would have loved that sense of normalcy, it would have been harder to deal with if the tooth fairy came.  Logan would have woken up the next morning, not knowing and not understanding, therefore, upsetting us (me). I feel that it’s just setting ourselves up for failure rather than living on the high of a HUGE milestone like losing his first tooth when he was never “supposed to survive.”

So….that’s my take on it.  These are choices we have to make as special needs parents on a daily basis…..what level of “normalcy” will we experience today? 

Just because he doesn’t always understand doesn’t mean we don’t do it….it just depends on the circumstances as well as our (my) emotional stability.

Please don’t feel bad for asking if the tooth fairy came or how he felt…..those are normal questions….but then I could also go off on a tangent about why we have to pay our kids for losing teeth!  LOL

Can’t wait for Logan’s next milestone!!!!