Asking for help is not easy!

But, we need it.

We don’t like it, but our friends and family talked us into it. And the reality is, we need it.  So, since we’re doing this, we figured we could try to have some fun. 


We know you get asked for donations often.  Since we are asking, we figured we could have a little fun with it.

Any funds not used for Logan’s care will be donated to Children’s Cancer Research

We are Every Parent

You give birth, you plan & dream

Every parent dreams of their child playing a favorite sport, but some parents have to wait until their child is healthy to have those dreams. When your child is sick you dream about a life without doctors, a day without medications, and a happy healthy baby in your arms.

Meet hockey loving family Kevin and Jennifer Fogg. Their 4 month old son (as of the launch of this web site), Logan has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Logan will be undergoing chemotherapy very soon. Instead of saving to buy hockey gear, they are meeting with doctors and planning their next steps for treatment. Jen, as her friends call her, has not been working so she can care for Logan at the hospital and at home. It has put a strain on their family finances.

We are asking your support to help the family meet living and medical expenses so they can focus on Logan’s health.

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Just one more f*cking thing….

Yup, I said it!  Just one more f*cking thing.  I swear this will be the title of the last chapter of my book….if I ever get caught up on it!  UGH! It’s been a while since my last blog post and I figured now was the best time to update, being the first...

I am not okay….

I am not okay.  I have not been for a while.  I am so alone.   I have no one to talk to.  No one to help with Logan.  No one understands how I feel or what I go through.  These past few weeks have been crippling.  I hate that my...

Four Year Cancerversary

Today is a tough day for me, trying to stay busy and focused.... just got this message from GOD and it couldn't be more fitting for today: Today, Jennifer, God wants you to know that it is time to finally forgive yourself.  You've carried the guilt, the shame for...

Logan is 4 and so much more!!!!

My goal for 2021 is to write a book about our journey, I need to make time to write more.  It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s just that my time is extremely limited!  I have been researching and speaking with different people, published writers, of...

Three Year Cancerversary

Three Year Cancerversary

Three years ago today, our lives changed forever.  Our hopes and dreams of having a “normal” child was crushed! Being told your child has cancer is the one of the worst things a parent can hear, nonetheless about your first-born child! Being told that your child...

Logan’s feeding issue

Logan’s feeding issue

Ok, so the point of me writing this is not to get anyone in trouble but to share with you all what is going on, in as much detail as I can! I will not share the school district or school that Logan attends (if you know, that’s fine) as I am not looking to get anyone...